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Relax deeply with yoga in the candlelit cocoon of our beautiful studio.
This lovely workshop with Marion will be a relaxing, restorative, re-energising practice by soothing candlelight. With a combination of yin and restorative yoga poses, we will slowly move deeper into relaxation, nourish and restore our body and mind and find our way into stillness.Yin yoga focuses on long and passively held postures with the aim to access safely our deeper layers of our connective tissues. Yin yoga mobilizes and strengthens our joints and creates a feeling of space and openness within the body. In the first part of the workshop we will move through a yin yoga sequence designed to prepare you to sink deeper into rest.
Restorative yoga is a completely passive way to bring your body, mind and nervous system back to a state of balance. Supported by bolster, blankets and all you need to let go of deeply held tension and to surrender completely into stillness.
Yin and restorative yoga together is the perfect way to get the nourishing rest you need to feel energized and rejuvenated.This workshop is open to all, no previous experience, or level of fitness or flexibility is required.