My Journey

Coming from a fitness and running background I started yoga from a mere physical perspective.
I realised quickly that there is more than just the physical aspect of yoga. I realised I needed to slow down!

Slowing down helped me to recognise the healing benefits of yoga; having been a long distance runner for almost a decade and participated in several marathons, I sustained a bad achilles tendon injury. Yoga taught me how to step back and to slow down, becoming aware and accept what the body really needs. It is amazing how much one can grow, learn and develop a deeper sense of gratitude just by having a consistent yoga practice.

Over the last decade I studied with various teachers; I attended several teacher trainings and workshops. My work extends to pilates, somatic movements and all things mindfulness. I also qualified as a reflexologist with ITEC in 2020.

Experience and Approach

I have been teaching yoga since 2014. I teach hatha flow yoga, yin and restorative yoga and meditation. I also teach pilates and somatic movement classes.

Yoga is for everyone. Providing an open, trusted and safe space for everyone to feel comfortable and able to connect to themselves is essential for me.

My classes are challenging, but accessible to everyone. I teach slow flow sequences offering you a space where you can explore and discover your own potential.

I continue my study by attending various classes, workshops and trainings, I’m forever grateful to all my teachers who gave me the right tools to go deeper into my own practice and teachings.


Reflexology for Fertility (Postgraduate course) with OBUS, Dublin, 2021

Reflexology for Maternity (Postgraduate course) with OBUS, Dublin, 2021

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology Treatments (ITEC) with OBUS, Dublin, 2020

100h Tantra Flow Yoga, Pranamaya Kosha with Jeanne Heileman, Palma, 2019

32h Integrative Restoration – iRest, Level 1 Yoga Nidra, with James Reeves, Dublin, 2018

100h Tantra Flow Yoga, Vijnanamaya Kosha with Jeanne Heileman, Palma, 2018

100h Tantra Flow Yoga, Manomaya Kosha with Jeanne Heileman, Palma, 2017

50h Jnana Yoga, loving the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita with Jeanne Heileman, Palma, 2017

Somatic Movement Education with Lisa Peterson, Dublin 2016, 2017

Yin Yoga teacher training and Mindfulness training with Josh Summers , Dublin, 2016

300h Advanced Yoga teacher training, Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India, 2015

80h Prenatal Yoga teacher training with Sarah Woolridge, Purehealth, Dublin, 2015

200h Yoga teacher training with Sarah Woolridge, Purehealth, Dublin, 2014