Spring has arrived at our doorsteps with the Spring Equinox just around the corner. The days get brighter and the birds wake up early to sing us a song 🙂

Spring is a time to reflect, to check in with your values, with your intentions you set at the beginning of the year. Spring is a time of  fresh start or restart, new life, creativity, it’s about appreciation and gratitude.

Before we move on to new beginnings, we need to value what has happened. It’s easy to forget what we have already accomplished, we just see what we still need to do or have avoided doing.

Take the time to reflect – what have you accomplished, what lessons have you learned? (and include every tiny little step) I guarantee you will find something 🙂 Realign with your values / intentions – maybe they have changed or you have discovered new ones.

What can you let go of? What hasn’t served you? We retain to things we don’t need to hold on to, may it be people, habits, tendencies, assumptions. We carry these with us, but don’t need them anymore. When you let go of these ‘residues’, thank them, appreciate them, embrace them and release them with love. It has to be conscious and real. Those impulses shaped you in what you are today, so release them in honour and without blame.

When you look back at your past, look tenderly and gently at all you have been through. Look with the eyes of the soul. See that each experience was necessary to bring you home to your heart. – Melody Beattie

In Chinese Medicine the Element Wood is connected with the Spring season. Spring is associated with Wood because it is a time of growth and expansion. It’s about renewal, awakening and rebirth.

Wood allows us to be well rooted in the past, to stand tall in the present and have the vision to move ahead in the future. Spring encourages us to stay in touch with our visions and our creativity.

Look at the trees!
‘Standing tall by staying rooted, yielding to the winds of life by being flexible and agile and keeping the gaze upward and forward so we don’t lose sight of our life’s true purpose. The winds of Life can change unexpectedly, but our flexibility and groundedness remains!’

Yoga is a great way to stay in connection with the season and yoga retreats are even better as they give you more time to reflect on your journey – away from all the hassle daily live brings with it.

We have awoken the Spring season at my ‘Spring Awakening’ yoga retreat at Wild Atlantic Way Yoga last weekend. The weather couldn’t have been better. Windy, but sunshine, we went for a long walk to explore the amazing scenery at the Irish coastline close to Kinsale. The daffodils were already blooming and the fresh smell of Spring was in the air.
I have to say this a really beautiful spot in Ireland, the view is just stunning. I’m excited to be back for my Autumn retreat 🙂

If you love attending retreats or haven’t attended one yet,  I’m hosting 2 other retreats this year. Retreats are a great opportunity to slow down and just take some time for yourself to nourish body, mind and soul!

Please join me:

Restore Balance – Magical Midsummer Retreat at the beautiful premises of the The elbowroom Escape in county Wicklow / June 16th – 18th (details here Restore Balance Retreat )

Autumn Yoga Retreat at Wild Atlantic Way Yoga in Kindle /Sep 29th – Oct 1st (details still to follow)


Some pictures from the ‘Spring Awakening’ Retreat last week.